DR.Kibet P Shikuku

Is the current CEO of Kenya Hemophilia Association (KHA) and a lecturer at the University of Nairobi. He has played major roles in ensuring the Kenyan programs run smoothly to improve the organization’s performance in serving its community. He envisages having a more vibrant, all-inclusive program that caters to all age groups, gender, and races. He remains visionary and is focused on empowering the youth to take up leadership roles.

He does this with humility and seeks guidance by working closely with the KHA board. He remains indebted to all and is grateful to all supportive programs, both locally and internationally. His will to learn and assist remains engrained in his daily routine. God bless people living with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders!


Prof Karanja Njoroge

Prof Karanja Njoroge has been an ardent supporter and advocate for people living with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. He joined Kenya Hemophilia Association (KHA) and has served as the elected chairperson since 2016. His leadership has ensured the growth & expansion of services to the hemophilia community.

Karanja is an independent consultant on environment and social development. He serves as the chairperson for the Center for Environmental Action (CEA), a non-governmental organization involved in advocacy and public education, looking at interactions of business and industry with the environment. He also serves in other NGOs and community organizations. Karanja has served as the Chair of the Friends of Karura Forest between 2011 and 2019, leading in community and resource mobilization. During his tenure, Karura Forest has evolved from a dilapidated and grossly degraded resource into the most visited destination for leisure and relaxation in the City of Nairobi. He currently serves as a trustee in the Karura Forest Environmental Education Trust. 

Working with a committee that included members of the Green Belt Movement and faculty from the University of Nairobi he played a significant role in the birthing of the Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace and Environmental Studies at the University of Nairobi



Cecilia  is an administrator by profession and is keen on advocacy for hemophilia patients. She was among the first parents who helped initiate KHA as a hybrid organization, bringing together clinician, parent, and patient representation at the KHA board to address the needs of the hemophilia community. Currently, Cecilia serves as an active member of the KHA board. Her dreams are to see KHA scale to greater heights in its mandate to serve an even greater population of patients who have not been reached. Cecilia lives in Murang’a and is actively engaged in farming.


James Kago

James Kago is an individual living with hemophilia who has overcome many odds to live a normal life. He is a graduate from the Kenya Methodist University with a Bachelor of Degree in Business Administration, more specifically, Human Resource Management (HRM). He has over 10 years’ experience in HRM, having worked for blue-chip organizations including Kenya Airways, Access Kenya Group, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc among others. He sits at the Board of Kenya Hemophilia Association, representing patient interests and as serves as the Treasurer. James is passionate about mentorship of the young patients and inspires them to dream and live normal or near-normal lives.


 Samuel Misiani Mbunya

Sam Mbunya has been AMPATH's Hematology Administrator since December 2015, leading one of many Hematology programs ‐ mainly the Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center (IHTC) Program that deals with Sickle Cell Disease and Hemophilia. He also oversees administrative aspects in the Multiple Myeloma Program with Celgene Oncology. Sam's current areas of management are with the AMPATH Hematology Reference and Research Laboratory, IT Point of Care digital platforms, Telemedicine/Telepathology, Outreach, Data management and Revolving Fund Pharmacy programs.  Other positions that he holds are as the Kenya Haemophilia Association (KHA) National coordinator and the Secretary of the Kenya Sickle Cell Steering Committee. Before joining AMPATH, Sam worked at Pathologists Lancet Kenya LTD, a South African based diagnostic and pathology corporate company as their Consultant Laboratory Scientist, providing both administrative and technical assistance for diagnostic and pathology services. Sam received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Science from Kingston University London (UK) and his Post Graduate Diploma BioMedSci Research at University of Glasgow (UK). He is currently in an MBA program with the University of South Wales (UK).

Samuel Macharia

Samuel B Macharia

Samuel B Macharia Profile


Samuel is a Member of the Kenya Haemophilia Association (KHA) representing parents.  He is father to 21 year-old Sidney Baraka Buku, who is Factor A-deficient, severe level. Samuel is also the Secretary to the Board and as a Management consultant, he has been instrumental in developing and implementing the KHA corporate strategic plan.

Samuel is a renowned global Human Capital training consultant with over 20 years’ experience in coaching and mentoring top Government officials and company executives with a vast clientele in Africa, Singapore and Malaysia among others. He is a licensed corporate HR Practitioner and a leading consultant in organisational development and HRM consultancies and has designed capacity development modules and company policies for clients in the public and private sector in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, Egypt, Liberia, South Sudan, Singapore and Malaysia. Samuel is a seasoned. international coach and mentor with solid knowledge in Human Resource Management, Policy Analysis and Research, and Organizational Development. He has also undertaken various research assignment in countries like Tanzania, South Sudan and Liberia.

Samuel has also undertaken market surveys, tracer studies and Training needs assessments for various organizations when he worked as leading consultant in Kenya School of Government (KSG) and Head of Business Development and Strategy at the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM). He has developed over 50 strategic plans for both public and private sector organizations.

Samuel is a member of the Panel of Judges of Public Sector Innovation held annually under the auspices of the AAPAM Round Table Conference. A member of the Institute of Human Resource Management of Kenya (IHRM), Kenya Institute of Management (KIM), Africa Association of Public Administration and Management (AAPAM) and Kenya Association of Public Sector Administration and Management (KAPAM).

Hyline,is an experienced deputy principal of secondary school who has worked in a variety of policy and leadership roles.Currently, a chairperson of the Kisii county deputies' welfare.
I have been a member of the KHA and an elected  executive board member since Dec,2018 serving as a parent representative of the western chapter.Together with other officials, I am championing for advocacy and awareness of haemophilia issues within our chapter and nationally.
I feel that my experience and background within the education sector would support good governance processes and procedures in the operation of KHA.
I have collaborated with other executive members in designing strategic operation plan that will directly increase the effectiveness and operations of the association.



Sylvia is a trained Human Resources practitioner, has a son with severe haemophilia. She is involved in many activities including: volunteerism, fund raising, policy advocacy as well as community education.  Her dream and desire is to see haemophilia as well as other bleeding disorders given the same standard of care as we see in many nations in the western world.

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David is a father to four, three girls and one boy who has Haemophila A (severe). He has a certificate in mechanical engineering (plant option), he is currently working with The West Kenya Sugar Company as a mechanical engineering technician. He was elected on 28/11/2018 as the Western chapter co-ordinator to represent western region. The region covers fourteen counties where haemophiliacs and their families reside. His dream is to see Kenya Haemophilia Association close the gap to access to care by training more medical personnel as well as, having the same level of care as many western nations have.

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Is a father of two and married. By profession an electronic mechanical engineer and worked for James Finlays as a mechanical engineer before suffering a work related injury that has seen him undergo treatment at Indiana University Hospital. He was diagnosed with Haemophilia A in 1993 and due to the challenges I saw my family encounter, prior to and even after diagnosis, he chose to be a patient representative for the Kenya Haemophilia Association in November, 2018.

Ben is currently doing a leadership training program with Adult Fellowship For Intergrating Responsible Mentors (AFFIRM) this is an 18 month program and he hopes to impart what he is learning to the haemophilia youth as they are the voice and change of tomorrow.